Special Products

Xerox DocuShare

Xerox DocuShare is a proven, award-winning, affordable Web-based software application that delivers sophisticated, yet highly personalized content management capabilities.

DocuShare enables users to capture, manage, share, and protect a wide range of paper and digital content in a secure, central, and highly scalable repository.


DocuShare’s intuitive, easy user interface enables high adoption; users can get up and running the same day it’s installed and they can be fully trained in a week.

DocuShare is easy-to-deploy, requiring little to no IT support, and it works with all common hardware and software.






Equitrac Office

Equitrac Office provides end users with a secure, convenient and mobile print workflow while controlling costs and simplifying administration of your output fleet.

Equitrac Office enables single sign-on access to devices and services, personal print queues to maximize document security and mobility, and rules to create cost-effective printing behavior.